SETRE Konfeksiyon Tekstil Kuyumculuk San. ve Tic. A.Ş founder; Mehmet ÇELİKTEN started his career as a tailor in 1964. Mehmet Çelikten, who grew up with the famous tailors of Ankara, opened his first business as a 14m2 tailor shop on Ulus Konya Street in his 10th year in the profession. Mehmet ÇELİKTEN, proudly presenting men's suits prepared from the highest quality fabrics and materials of that day to its distinguished customers, also tailor made orders for many famous and protocol customers between 1983-1996. Our brand, which started to manufacture ready-made clothing in 1987; In 1991, it became a factory in order to meet the intense demands from wholesale and retail customers. In 1995, a 500 m2 showroom was opened in Ankara Kızılay in order to provide better service to its wholesale customers. Bringing its increased production and model variety together with its Wholesale Customers in the showroom, our brand gained the appreciation of its customers and became the focus of attention of the brands operating in the retail sector of the period. SETRMS, which meets with the end consumer through its wholesale customers and later sales points, in a short time throughout our country; It has succeeded in winning the admiration and appreciation of Turkish women in terms of fabric quality, unique designs and model diversity. SETRMS, which opened its first organized retail store in Kızılay / İzmir Street in 2003 with the intense participation of art, politics and bureaucracy, continued to open its stores in other cities of our countr