The commercial life of 4 brothers, who were born and raised in Baldıran Village of Kırıkhan District of Hatay and carry the surname "Taşkınırmak", started in 1985 with the sale of drapery products at a market stall. Trade moves to Kırıkhan, and the market stall turns into a store. Going to Adana by enlarging the targets. Along with it, the scope of the business grows and wholesale sales are started. The next address is Istanbul, and the next target is to become a brand with Signature. Signature brand has adopted the principle of growing without giving up its understanding of quality throughout its development. Taşkınırmak A.Ş., which created the branding process in such a short time and continued on its way with sure steps. It manufactures jackets and shirts in the facilities it has established in Adana, and employs over 400 personnel at its Headquarters, Factory and Retail Stores. As of today, Taşkınırmak A.Ş., which is behind the signature branded products, serves its customers with 53 stores and more than 150 dealers throughout Turkey.