Since 1998, Al-Jazeera Perfumes has maintained one of the finest and most exclusive libraries of perfume oils in the Middle East the cradle of fragrance and enchanting essences since the early ages, when they were known as "Arabia Felix". Boasting a proud Eastern heritage, Al-Jazeera fragrances are of the utmost purity and represent the desire to restore the former glory of a pioneering past. Specialized in providing our customers with precious fragranced gifts, Al-Jazeera works with the largest and most prestigious manufacturers of perfumery raw materials in France to craft their original perfumes. In 2002, Al-Jazeera Perfumes inaugurated the first shop for rare fragrances in Doha and achieved immediate unrivaled success, becoming the focal spot for anyone in the Gulf and anywhere in the world to satisfy their special clients’ desire to return to the very essence of fragrance history.